Our Whole Brown Flax is clean and ready to feed.
Available in convenient 10 kg bags, 22.5 kg bags and bulk.

Why Feed Whole Flax?

  • High in protein, 24% and natural lysine.
  • High oil content, 42% on average.
  •  Excellent plant based source of Omega 3 and 6 essential daily fatty acids.
  • 24% digestible fiber; healthy high fat profile helps hoof and hide health. 
  • Whole flax has a long shelf life; it will stay fresh for over 2 years.

Recommended Feeding Rates

Horses: 1/4 to 1 lb per head per day depending on workload, etc.
Livestock rations: 2%-15% of the daily total feed ration.
Rates are to be used as a base guideline only. Always consult a nutritionist prior to feeding and exceeding rates.


The Canadian International Grains Institute Flax Feeding Guide is an excellent source of information on flax rationing in feed stocks.
Whole Brown Flax is another information sheet prepared by Bar Diamond L Performance Horses. It provides their thoughts on the equine benefits of flax.

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