You can easily see the difference.

On the left is a typical cut from a commercially raised pig. On the right is our ZSFarms pork, raised outdoors in a biologically driven system, fed only our feed and forage. The result is a densely marbled pork that is deep red in colour with fat that has flavour and is not stringy and rubbery; chops that do not dry out and turn tough and that can be cut with a fork; bacon that is flavourful without the waxy fat and dark grease; and lard that is white without toxins or a porky flavour.

Ready to try some of the tastiest pork that you will ever sink your teeth into?

We have three purchase options for you:
  • a whole pig
  •  a half pig
  • your choice of shoulder roasts, loin chops, hams, bacon, ground pork, sausages and lard
Our pigs are butchered at a certified facility, typically McLean’s Meats in Wetaskiwin. We have been pleased with the quality of service that they have provided to date.
For whole or halves, you customize your order with the butcher and pay the processing and kill costs.
We currently have two breeds of pig available:
  • Large Black crossed Kunekune – higher fat content marbling in the meat, high lard yield, smaller chops and hams, smaller rail weight at 220+ pounds.
  • Yorkshire crossed Pietrain – large wide chops, lower fat yield, double muscle, large hams, larger rail weight at 250+ pounds.
Contact Us for additional information or to place your order.
We accept cash, cheque, or e-transfer at time of payment.
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