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Our Story

ZS Farms is a fourth-generation grain farm located near Daysland, Alberta. Our focus for many years was on Pedigree Seed. Today our focus is on Natural Whole Grain Feed. We strive to provide consistent, clean, simple, single feed ingredients from our fields to your feed bucket.

Whole Grain Feed

ZS Farms began providing clean whole brown flax as a high-quality feed supplement in 2014 under our brand FLAX 4 ALL. Our product line, now all under our brand ZS Farms, has expanded to include milled clean green peas, clean whole peas, clean whole oats and rolled heavy clean oats. Our feed is free of soy and grain by-products like screenings, hulls and “meals”. There is no risk of contamination from additives or the production of other livestock feeds. All of our feed is glyphosate residual free.
We have a hands-on approach to our feed production, from field to bag. All ZS Farms feed is grown on our farm. We control cropping practices, seed cleaning, processing, and bagging. We continually strive to include more sustainable approaches in our farming practices, which help reduce our footprint on the land.  Explore our ZS Farms Facebook page for CUSTOMER REVIEWS and our LATEST NEWS.  #zsfarms #whatsinyourbucket
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Examining products applied to crops and how they affect the soil microbiome, we determined that true health starts in the soil. We started composting to rebuild our soil, adding a high fungal ruminant to help accelerate the transformation. Our pigs provide the ruminant aspect of changing our feed and straw into compost. They are raised outdoors where they have space to freely move around and are fed our own nutrient-dense feed. In turn, every new generation of pigs produces a higher quality fungal compost.
Check out OurPorkOnYourFork [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] to see how you can enjoy our superior quality marbled pork.


The compost is the most important aspect of rebuilding what years of synthetic inputs have done to our soil. Every year produces increased nutritional density and healthier ingredients. We now provide our high-quality fungal compost to help with your own soil transformation.
Our compost is sold under our brand The Fungal Farm. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Our Future

Our approach to farming is now a full circle: from pigs to fungal compost to rebuilt soil to healthy crops to truly clean feed ingredients. And we do it all without the use of any synthetic chemicals; no fertilizers, no herbicides, no insecticides, no fungicides. To our knowledge, we are the first full-scale farm in Canada to successfully implement this approach. It is one more step in providing you with the cleanest feed ingredients possible.
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